Introducing our Prebiotic Power Honey, where natural honey flavor meets unparalleled potency. Enriched with beneficial enzymes, this honey is a delightful treat for the lactose-intolerant, offering both taste and wellness in every spoonful. Embrace the power of nature with each sweet drop.


Introducing Gwellth Prebiotic Power Honey: your delicious, natural way to support gut health. This premium honey combines the sweetness of natural honey flavor with the power of prebiotics, creating a flavorful addition to your daily routine that promotes a healthy gut.

Carefully crafted with no added sugar, Gwellth Prebiotic Power Honey is a wholesome choice for those seeking a nutrient-rich, naturally sourced alternative. Enjoy the smooth, golden taste of honey while benefiting from its gut-nourishing properties. Whether drizzled over your morning yogurt, stirred into tea, or enjoyed on its own, Gwellth Prebiotic Power Honey offers a delightful and healthful experience you can savor every day. Elevate your wellness journey with this versatile, gut-friendly treat


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Prebiotic Power Honey (700g)